Biggdesign Cats in Istanbul Pillow

Brand: Biggdesign
4328 Miles
Product Price : 2.597 Miles
  • Silicone fiber padded, inside padded

  • Vacuum sachet

  • Printed

  • 45 * 45 cm

  • Fabric: Suede effect fabric

  • You can wash your pillow case by removing the inner cushion.

  • 30 degree wash is done.

  • No bleach is used.

  • It can be ironed with medium heat.

  • Dry cleanable.

  • The dryer is not cleaned.


    Zeynep Pak's "Cats in Istanbul" square pillow. The product size is 45 * 45 cm. The pillow comes with a fiber-filled inner cushion. Sent as vacuum. You can easily use this decorative pillow at home, summer house, garden and balcony. You can wash the cushion according to the washing instructions by removing it from the case. As a reflection of thousands of different cats that come across Istanbul at any time, Cats in Istanbul Collection comes together with BiggDesign.