Biggdesign My Eyes on You Cardholder

Brand: Biggdesign
2662 Miles
Product Price : 1.597 Miles
  • Aluminum Coating

  • Lid with button

  • 6 Different Business Cards

  • Size: 12 X 8 cm

    Biggdesign'in designed "My Eye You" patterned business card holder. It has hard aluminum cover. There are 6 different eyes. What makes things beautiful is the eyes that look at him. We all look at the world with different eyes, we perceive ourselves. We are shaping our world with our point of view. Good-evil, beautiful-ugly seeing is all in our hands, shaping our world with beautiful eyes. Biggdesign designers prepared by my eyes in the pattern of colors in my eyes symbolizes our differences, eyes are looking at goodness and beauty.