Biggdesign Owl And City Laundary Basket

Brand: Biggdesign
12661 Miles
Product Price : 7.597 Miles

Height: 55 cm

Width: 45 cm

Color: Pink


A laundry basket with "Owl and City" by Bahar Karabenli Yılmaz. Dirty basket in the form of washing machine. 4 pieces of solid wires in the right to keep standing up. It's green. Owl and City created by Bahar Karabenli Yılmaz with its contemporary style and unique style met many products. Mr. Biggdesign by Monatitti Collection All of his works are exhibited at Mona Titti Art Gallery together with the powerful Kadir Yılmaz who is the creator of works such as Allright Man and Bereket Balıkları.