Biggdesign Pistachio Cardholder

Brand: Biggdesign
2662 Miles
Product Price : 1.597 Miles
  • Aluminum Coating

  • Button Cover

  • 6 Different Business Cards

  • Size: 12 X 8

    The umbrella of "Kadach Yılmaz" by the powerful Kadir Yılmaz. It has hard aluminum cover. There are 6 different eyes. The abundance-themed work created by our designer Güçlü Kadir Yılmaz with its contemporary lines and unique style meets many products. Mr. Biggdesign by Monatitti Collection The works of the powerful Kadir Yılmaz, who is the creator of works such as Allright Man and Pistachio, are exhibited in the Mona Titti Art Gallery.