Biggphone Retro Telephone Handset

Brand: Nektar
Product Price : 1.442 Miles

We are opening a war with Biggphone phone handset to the electromagnetic radiation emitted from our phones that we use for hours during the day. Nostalgic designed phone handset that reminds us of the old phones we use in our homes, prevents the exposure of the radiation to the touch with the touch of soft touch. Compatible with almost all smartphones, you can also use the phone handset with your desktop and laptop, and make voice calls with programs such as Skype and Google Talk. There are buttons to increase or decrease the volume. The nostalgic telephone handset, which does not require extra installation or programming, is very easy to use. You can easily plug it into the headphone jack of your phone or the USB port of your computer. Retro phone handset, where classic style meets modern life, is also a nice gift option that you can share with your loved ones.