The following terms and conditions rule the member participation in the Miles&Smiles frequent flyer programme by Turkish Airlines on the GLOBAL DELIVERY ( All Countries ) section.
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It is the members’ responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the terms and conditions.

Reward Pricing

Please note that changes to the Miles&Smiles frequent flyer program and / or Shop&Miles Catalogue ( including the web site ) may occur at any time and without prior notification to the members. In this regard members are required to monitor the web site for any possible changes.

Reward pricing in Miles at the checkout is inclusive of all costs and fees ( including shipping, custom expenses, taxes and ) and all are to payed by the members. Please note that International deliveries have different components Custom expenses, taxes & duties differ from country to country as well as cargo delivery fees. All of the goods are delivered from Turkey corssborder in the GLOBAL DELIVERY ( All Countries ) section, the rules of each country apply.

In countries where the official customs rule asserts that the TAX payments be done by the recipient only upon the arrival of the gift at the customs, the responsibility falls onto the  part of the member and SHOP&MILES does not accept any responsibilities. Please note that in such cases ( where the member refuses to pay for the TAX at the Customs ),  the  gift may not be  delivered to the recipient.

Changes in VAT and SCT (Special Consumption Tax) and all changes in Tax and Customs Regulations bring changes in MILE and MONEY values. In this regard members are required to monitor the web site for any possible changes.

However please note that in case your order has to go through a customs area, you may have to pay fort he customs duties.

This programme is operated by Sanal Magaza and/or its local and global partners. Turkish Airlines and/or Sanal Magaza reserves the right to interpret and apply these terms and conditions to its sole discretion.

All items / rewards are limited by stocks. Sanal Magaza and/or its partners reserves the right to remove / add an item, or exchange an existing item with an alternative one or change the Mile / price value of any item, anytime. In case an item you’ve chosen is not in the
stocks, Sanal Magaza and/or its partners reserves the right to cancel the order or send you an alternative item. There may be differences in the model / color / design of the items.

In the Shop&Miles Catalogue, Turkish Airlines and / or Sanal Mağaza reserves the right to remove any item, exchange an existing item with an alternative one, add a new item, or change the mile / price value of any item in the catalogue, anytime.
Sanal Mağaza can not be held responsible for typographic errors ( on product names, prices, properties ) or late updates. Sanal Magaza reserves the right to cancel or edit orders in its sole discretion.

All items for which orders are placed must be delivered to the address within the particular country the member is the residence of. In other words, if you have chosen India upon the entrance then the destination address of the item must be within India, if Germany, then within Germany, etc.

All orders are delivered to the particular country that is selected upon the entrance of the

Please note that choosing a wrong country that does not match with the address information 
results in a failed delivery which will NOT be refundable.

All items (unless otherwise stated) are delivered to your address by Cargo Courier companies. In this regard please fill in the address parts of your order form completely.

Sales Agreement (Mesafeli Satış Sözleşmesi) with the Terms and Conditions for orders are presented at check out on the web site and must be accepted to complete the redemption.


Order Placement in 3 Hours ( TOKEN TIME )

Order Placement MUST be completed in 3 hours. Please note that you must place your order within
3 hours once you have logged on to the web site with your Member ID and Password due to security reasons.

If you remain longer than 3 hours on the web site and still try to place an order, the order shall be unsuccessful.

Please note that once your order is placed you are going to be given an order ID which will come on the page in front of you. Plus an e-mail that confirms the transaction has been completed with an order ID shall be sent to you.

Any one of those missing means that you could not place your order successfully. In that case you can send us an e-mail ( and inquire the status of your order.



Order Returns and Cancellations

All items / rewards come in under their individual producers’ / importers’ guarantees and warranty conditions. When you have received the item please read the conditions and the certificates of warranty carefully. You can always contact Shop&Miles Call Center to receive assistance.
Pleas note that once an item has been ordered and shipped, the participant can not cancel it ( buyer’s remorse is not honored ) and NO refund is possible.

Products cannot be ordered with any commercial purposes. Items dispatched by Sanal Magaza can not be exploited for any commercial purpose. In these cases, Sanal Magaza reserves the right to cancel or edit orders in its sole discretion.


Gift Cards:

Merchant gift cards, prepaid debit cards, eBooks, and other instantaneous or cash-like rewards can not be returned or cancelled. In other words if the gift card is lost, stolen or damaged the value of the gift card can not be replaced or reimbursed. So please look after the Giftcard carefully and treat just like cash.

Reward Not Received

A reward not received must be submitted to the Reward Provider’s Customer Service team within 2 WEEKS from notification of shipment. A full investigation will be performed, and an expedited delivery of a replacement reward will be arranged if proof of delivery is not confirmed.



Methods and Delivery Timeline

Merchandise orders are shipped within ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days, excluding local public holidays or postal/courier disruptions. Larger items ship via common carrier. Reference the "Freight Delivery" section for complete details. PO Box addresses should be included when submitting an order as the associated rewards will not be shipped. FPO/APO addresses should only be provided when ordering from a designated reward offering.

Change Shipping Address

Shipping address changes are not supported. The required shipping address must be entered during the check out process. Orders may be shipped to an address within the country associated with the reward offering. Allow additional delivery time for rural or remote communities. 

Incorrect Shipping Address Information

In the event that a supplied address is not accepted by the supplier, or if the necessary order requirements as defined by the supplier are not provided, the Reward Provider’s Customer Service team will initiate contact to secure the correct information. If a response for the requested information is not provided within three (3) business days, the order will be cancelled. 

Order Tracking:

 Once your order is sent out from our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail from the cargo courier company UPS that “You have a parcel coming” with the tracking number of your parcel.

Please follow your parcel with this tracking number.

Delivery Address

Please note that we are not going to be held responsible for orders that are addressed to ;

a)      Hotels,

b)      Cargo agencies/branches

c)       Airports


Please give us only home or Office/work addresses.

Thank you for your understanding.


Please note that:

  • Shop&Miles reserves the rights to cancel orders when there are not enough products in the stocks and/or there are changes in the regulations of Turkey and/or recipient countries customs. In such cases either miles are loaded back to the member’s account or a Shop&Miles digital gift code is presented to the member to be used in further orders.
  • All crossborder deliveries to each country are handled by international cargo courier companies that are subject to local  conditions within each particular country, which may result in lack of doorstep delivery in some but pick up at city centers.In such cases neither Turkish Airlines nor Sanal Mağaza can be held responsible.
  • Please make your inquiries latest in 6 months if you think you have not received your gift.

  • THY / SANALMAGAZA can not be held responsible for any inquiries that claim the order has not been delivered after 6 months from the day of order dispatchments.


In cases where the goods are held in customs in the destination country, the receiver could be asked by the local authorities to provide Power of Attorney (POA) document, stating that the shipping company in your ( the destination ) country can clear the goods on behalf of the receiver.

In some countries deliveries require customs clearance procedures to be completed in 1 week by the recipient when a notification is sent by the cargo courier company.

In international deliveries customers can be asked to provide additional information and documents in accordance with the customs  regulations of the countries to which deliveries are made. Customers are obliged to meet those requirements in order to receive their deliveries.

Please provide this information to the authorities otherwise the goods may not be delivered.

In such cases SHOP&MILES can not be held responsible.

There will be no additional charges to apply.

Customer Services & Contact

Call Center: +90 444 9 877

We are here to help you between
08:00 – 18:00 on weekdays.

Special Terms & Conditions for Travel Services & Experiences ( POWERED BY BIGGTRAVEL )

Unless stated otherwise, all travel products, services and experiences on the Shop&Miles Catalogue are operated and/or conducted by the On-Net Biggtravel Travel Agency, a part of Biggplus Group and Sanal Magaza Inc.

All travel products, services, reservations and experiences are provided in accordance with the availability of the products which is solely in the control of the product / service suppliers such as Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Organizers, etc. In case there is no availability, SHOP&MILES    ( and its operators : Sanal Magaza / Biggtravel ) reserves the right to cancel the order.

Travel products, experiences, services, reservations and experiences are not applicable during Official / National / Religious Holidays, Special Days (Valentine’s Day), New Years, Local Festival or Congress Days, etc. Unless stated otherwise, all prices for hotel accommodations come in per person in a double room. Accommodation type (Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, All Inclusive, etc.) is stated along with the particular travel product  / service. Please check each travel page and read the information on the accommodation type carefully before you complete your booking.

Cancellations of the reservations (once they are confirmed by the supplier and SHOP&MILES ) solely depends on the rules and conditions along with all applicable penalties by the supplier are reflected on the customer.

SHOP&MILES and / or Sanal Magaza can NOT be held responsible for the undesired situations that are NOT within their control such as airline or any vehicle delays, reservation cancellations, baggage losses, passport and visa problems, etc. In such cases no refund request would be met.