Akademi Duru Online Multilevel Marketing Training (Network Marketing)

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Akademi Duru Online Multilevel Marketing Training (Network Marketing)

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Training Period: 30 days
Education Type: Video lesson with Distance Education
Certification: University approved certificate (*)
The Purpose of Education: Multi-level marketing or Network marketing, commonly known as Network Marketing, is successfully applied in different sectors all over the world. With the training program, it is aimed for those who work in this sector or those who want to work to understand the issue better and transfer it to their environment and benefit.
Multi-level marketing has changed, renewed and improved in many ways since it was first introduced in the world. Today, it is successfully applied in almost every country in the world and in societies with many different characteristics. Goods and service groups that benefit from this channel are limited only by the imagination of man. (…) Multi-level marketing is a proven marketing, sales and distribution channel for companies today; is also an entrepreneurship opportunity for individuals.
Multi-level marketing took the great opportunity provided by the internet, namely social media tools. In other words, while it is a way of doing a business where individuals make use of the environments they create in “real environment”, the circles created in “virtual environment” are also included in this now. This also gave a lot of power to multi-level marketing.
Nihal Paşalı Taşoğlu is one of the few scientists who research and think about multi-level marketing in our country. He reveals his work, yet a very important resource for this sector, which in youth in Turkey.

Content of the training
• What is multi-level marketing?
• Traditional marketing and Multi-level marketing
• Historical development of multi-level marketing
• Multi-level marketing industry
• Earnings plans in multi-level marketing
• Pyramid schemes and Multi-level marketing
• Tools and methods used in multi-level marketing
• Entrepreneurship and Multi-level marketing

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