AnemosS Bluetooth Speaker

Brand: AnemosS
Product Price : 2.591 Miles

If you want to have music with you wherever you go, the solution is the AnemosS Bluetooth Speaker.
Built with the comfort of music lovers in mind, the illuminated speaker promises to provide you with excellent quality music enjoyment. You can make music more comfortable and effective in indoor and outdoor areas. You can enjoy uninterrupted music enjoyment with bluetooth illuminated speaker which can be connected to all suitable devices with USB input.
With its comfortable bendable body, you can turn the sound of music into a very easy and very enjoyable way with the illuminated speaker that can take the shape you want. 

1. 1 Rechargeable Lithium 180 mAh battery
2. USB  devices and 3,5 mm jack. 
3. 4 Ohm, 5V and 3W. 

4.Product size: Ø5,4X5,2 CM