Any Morning BA21549 Thermos Mug

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Any Morning travel mug is made from pure 304 food grade stainless steel. The stainless-steel outer and interior wall is BPA-free. This highest quality construction means your coffee won’t taste any different. You don't get any metallic flavors. It doesn’t absorb strong flavors or aromas, keeps your drinks tasting fresh. Dimensions: 7x3.5 in (17.5x9 cm) Capacity: 17-oz (500 ml). Our thermos insulated coffee mugs have a double wall with vacuum thermal insulation, more effective than standard insulation from a layer of air, it keeps your hot drinks hot and cold for 4-8 hours. Thanks to its vacuum insulation technology it does not transfer heat from inside to outside or from outside to inside. The insulation also protects your hands and the temperature of your hands does not affect the temperature of your favorite drink. This coffee tumbler can be used as a travel cup to take with you on the go. It is 100% watertight and can hold up to 500 ml (17 oz). Its sneapseal lid is reliable without worrying about leaks. You can turn upside down and shake it, it will not spill its contents. You can confidently throw this coffee thermos into your laptop bag completely full. Any Morning offers high quality travel mugs as well as emphasizing the importance of waking up well in the morning. A warm greeting is a great way to start the day however not all of us can face up the rush we live every day or tolerate the sound of the alarm clock in the morning. Therefore, we have designed “good morning with coffee” theme for you. Any Morning travel mug encourage you to be full of energy. A coffee next to blue sky and bright sun make your awakening easier and will make you realize every morning will be different with new flavours. This travel mug is easy to clean. There is no need extra attention when cleaning the inner mechanism and the lid. You will appreciate how easy they are to clean and use again. Hand-washing is recommended. It is very functional for a portable breakfast on road trips. Very durable for camping life, mountaineering or make you enjoy still drinking ice coffee in the depths of winter. Has a non-slip base and fits most car cup holders.