Babyjem Baby Care Kit for Newborn Babies Blue

Brand: Babyjem
8591 Miles
Product Price : 5.155 Miles

Designed specifically for newborn babies, the Babyjem baby care set considers their health, care and comfort. Mothers start to experience that sweet excitement from the moment they are expecting their babies and the most important thing is the health and care of the baby.Thanks to the Babyjem baby care set, you will find products that meet all your baby's care needs in the baby care bag. From the moment you hold your baby, this care set will be abandoned. Let's take a look at what's in this bag:1 - Baby nail clippers: Cutting nails once or twice a week according to your baby's nail length is extremely important to prevent damage to the skin. With the nail clippers in the BabyJem baby care set, you can cut the nails safely without fear. You can clean it by wiping with alcohol. 2 - Baby nail scissors (safe design): With rounded edges, it is your biggest helper for safe and comfortable nail cutting. After use, you can easily wipe it with alcohol and store it in the care kit bag. 3 - Nasal aspirator: Nasal cleaning is very important for your baby's sleep and nutrition. With the nasal aspirator, your baby will breathe comfortably and sleep quality will be improved. You can clean the nasal aspirator with warm water and soap. 4 - Finger Toothbrush: Place the brush on your finger and gently massage your baby's gums and teeth. It must be cleaned and stored in the baby care bag after each use. 5 - Baby nail file (3 pieces): After you cut your baby's nails, you should gently file them to get rid of the sharp edges remaining. You can prevent your baby's nails from scratching and damaging the skin with 3 nail files in Babyjem baby care set. 6 - Digital fever meter: Babies can get sick quite often until they are immune. You should keep your baby's body temperature under constant control. Babyjem fever meter will help you to measure your baby's fever easily and quickly. 7 - Baby hairbrush: The soft-bristled hairbrush helps you to comb your baby's hair safely and easily. 8 - Baby comb: Carefully designed for the care of your baby's hair. 9 - Care bag: The care bag, where you can store and carry all care products in a healthy way, will be your savior with its ergonomic design. You can use it comfortably both in your travels and at home.