Babyjem Breastfeeding and Support Mat Pink Clover

Brand: Babyjem
Product Price : 4.701 Miles

The Babyjem breastfeeding and support cushion is designed to enhance and strengthen the closeness between mother and baby. Helps the mother during breastfeeding. It reduces the pressure and tension on your baby's back, arms and abdomen. Ensures that your newborn baby gets an accurate sucking position, proper and adequate nutrition, and prevents premature interruption of milk flow. It reduces the tension and pain in the mother's chest. Breastfeeding and support cushions ensure that your baby stays in the right position even after feeding during the first few months of life and allows for easy digestion. Develops and strengthens your baby's back and neck muscles in the first 6 months. You should leave on the pillow for several minutes a day to ensure full strengthening of these muscles and development of thrust and creep reflexes It can also be used as a seating cushion. Protects your baby's balance, supports her/his back. It can be washed easily in the washing machine with removable zipper fabric. Made of 100% cotton fabric and high quality fiber filling. It doesn't harm your baby's sensitive skin with its breathable texture and does not irritate.