Babyjem Parents' Side Pink Bed with Toys

Brand: Babyjem
13479 Miles
Product Price : 7.953 Miles

It is designed to be used in everywhere where babies go with the parents.  It's a portable newborn baby bed set suitable for usage in the cradle, stroller, playpen as well as in the parent's bed or as an extra bed. It is like a little cozy nest. As the baby sleeping with parents in bed, it provides extra safety and comfort. Side sleep pillows help for a safe sleep to your baby. Rocking toys have your baby fun in the bed. Small head pillows can also be used seperately. Color: Pink • The bed includes cute toys to entertain baby. • It's made of %100 cotton fabric which is the best for your babies' skin. • It is washable at 30 degree and easily cleaned with sponge. • It offers 2 different usage options. Whether it’s a toddler bed or as a seperate bed.