Babyjem Play Mat With Toys

Brand: Babyjem
Product Price : 7.767 Miles

Babyjem Play mat with Toys creates a comfortable and happy playing ground. With its double sided 2 different themes your baby starts to learn our little animal friends. Cute toys that you can attach to the hanging apparatus on the pillar of the play mat to improve your baby's visual and auditory senses as well as the development of hand muscles and hand-eye coordination. Your baby can also take a nap, thanks to the comfortable structure of the play mat, which allows your baby to play on the back, lying down on the toys or sitting down. The sounds of the small toys let your baby enjoys the time on the play mat but also develops the little ones auditory senses. The Play mat with Toys is suitable for use from the first day of your baby. Thanks to its light weight and soft cushion, It is easy to carry any where you want to. The sun mirror is specialy deisgned for baby, mirror doesnt contain glass materils but you baby can see him/her self, rattle sounds will take his/her attention and enjoy the time spended with cute animals…