Babyjem Tonton Potty Powder Color

Brand: Babyjem
3903 Miles
Product Price : 2.872 Miles

Babyjem Tonton Potty | Powder Color | Practical Toilet Training for Toddlers | Practice Potty | Lightweight and Durable | Hygienic with Easy to Clean and Removable Parts

Babyjem tonton exercise potty makes toilet training for your toddler fun. The cute potty will create a toy perception in your baby with its design and will make it easy to get used to the toilet. Made of light and durable plastic that you can use safely even on slippery floors thanks to its non-slip soles, this exercise potty does not contain carcinogenic substances.

With this potty, your baby can sit back with the choice of babies that are fond of comfort. The soft seat provides maximum comfort even for a long sitting. The potty, which can be easily cleaned thanks to its removable parts, also relieves you for fitness and does not tire you.

Having a safe, comfortable, fun and ergonomic design, potty will make your baby and your life easier. Thanks to the non-slip soles under the BabyJem training potty, it is fixed on the floor and provides maximum safety. Its use on flat and smooth grounds is extremely important for safety.


SAFE: The BabyJem is fixed on the floor where it is located thanks to the non-slip bases under the lapping pot and provides maximum safety. It is extremely important to use on flat and smooth grounds.
COMFORTABLE: The ergonomic structure of the exercise potty, the recline and soft seat are very comfortable even for a long time.
EASY TO CLEAN: It can be cleaned easily and practically with its removable parts, it saves time for cleaning.
FUN: Tonton potty with its cute design will attract your baby's attention and help him learn toilet habits in a fun way.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: It provides maximum comfort for your baby with its soft seat and backrest supports. Getting a toilet habit with Tonton potty will turn into playing games.