Biggdesign AnemosS Light Blue Cold Holder Bag

Brand: Biggdesign
11328 Miles
Product Price : 6.797 Miles
The owner will be most useful, Biggdesign AnemosS cold light blue bag holder, which is one of the most ergonomic bag, it makes life easier. Heat-insulated design that allows the bag with food and drinks stay cool, absolutely every house, every car should be!  Beach, picnic, going to the beach, opening with boats, cars on their journey, while camping, fishing while holding and cold holding bags, one of the many outdoor activities the needed inventory accessory you can think of, it works a lot to work with functional design. Which prevents deterioration of food that you get to take home out of town, you go to enjoy the seaside you take cold soft drinks are warming the block or for a picnic meat or fish cooked until Have you used once to comfort the cold holding bags providing affected by the heat never look back.  Small zippered pocket on the front; key, open, creating a suitable space for insertion of special items such as phone and provides a quick way to reach the desired goods to be achieved immediately. Adjustable arm hanging pendant design can be moved freely. bag having a solid form protects against external shocks, food and drinks in this way. The cold cloth bag holder and colorful design attracts attention with spill free detail in design can wipe with a damp cloth.