BiggDesign AnemosS Anchor Designed Shawl by Gamze Yalçın

Brand: Biggdesign
6993 Miles
Product Price : 4.196 Miles
100% Cotton Top: 1.70 cm .Gamze Yalçın's work Çapa was applied.Thanks to its cotton structure, it has wrinkle-resistant and breathable properties. It provides comfortable use with its thin texture. This shawl that you can use in spring is an integral part of your combinations. The pattern was applied by digital printing. Navy blue and white color. Your style will change with this design shawl that will add movement to your simple style. Wrap-up techniques: Paris style: Neck Scarf, New Generation Belt: Bele Bandana, Hem Hipster and Bohemian: Scarf on Top, Rock Roll Style: Scarf on Wrist, Two in One: Scarf in Bag. Inspired by the Aegean breezes, the collection is designed for all sea lovers.