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BiggDesign B.C. 3000 Deer Patterned Shoulder Blouse L

Brand: Biggdesign
6328 Miles
Product Price : 3.797 Miles
Design and history meet inBiggDesign! BiggDesign‘s designers bring modern products together by reinterpreting the Motifs of Anatolia for thousands of years. BiggDesign works to gain your admiration by bringing the valuable works of 10 designers in different areas together. Patterns of the Anatolian civilizations and desings which date back to 3,000 years before Christ are available now in BiggDesign’s sales outlets.B.C.3000 Deer Motif Blouse-L Weight :160gr, Weaving: %100 Viscone Denier:30/1 Combed Cotton Supreme, Open Collar, Sleeveless.