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BiggDesign Fertility Fishes Women Scarf

Brand: Biggdesign
2995 Miles
Product Price : 1.797 Miles
Acrylic Yarn, knitting, embroidery pattern 26 * 184 cm .Güçlü Kadir Yılmaz's "Fertility Fishes" is a female scarf. The weft is embroidered and black. Knitted berenin has embroidery design on multi-colored fish pattern. It can be combined with the beanie in the same collection. The abundance-themed work created by our designer Güçlü Kadir Yılmaz with its contemporary lines and unique style meets a lot of products. The works of Güçlü Kadir Yılmaz, who is the creator of works such as Allright Man and Pistachio, are exhibited in Mona Titti Art Gallery.