BiggDesign Design My Eyes On You Necklace

Brand: Biggdesign
Product Price : 8.598 Miles
My Eyes On You Necklace is one of the most stylish piece of Tash Design Collection, designed by famous Biggdesign Designers from Turkey.The theme of this necklace is all about the beauty in the eyes. Beauty plays a central role in this design as the perception, interpretation and appreciation of beauty. This necklace is for people who gives the gentleness to humanity and nature. This special jewellery which emphasizes a simple but at the same time stylish and classy style, is made of 925 sterling silver. The eye is gold plated over bronze and mine. It will be very easy for you to bring your necklace into perfect harmony with your casual or classic combinations in every season. It will also a nice gift option jewellery for mothers day, birthdays,christmas, new years, celebrations or to keep for yourself.