Biggdesign Faces Do Not Work Tumbler Mug

Brand: Biggdesign
12661 Miles
Product Price : 7.597 Miles

Inspired by life's contradictions, "Faces Basic" is ready to upgrade your mod! Thanks to the special anti-slip pad underneath, it does not tip over when pushing, hitting or bumping. Ingredient: Plastic. Non-Material: PP and ABS. Capacity: 540 ml. Color: Black. It is sent in a special cardboard box. The dishwasher is not suitable for washing. The BigGDesign collection “Faces” draws negative energy with facial drawings that allow you to look at life with more positive eyes, while crowning this effect with the messages it gives. “Faces”, which is born out of the go-between between unhappiness and happiness, not working and not working, hopelessness and hope, and the opposites that everyone experiences in themselves, emphasizes how many different moods people can take in a day, and in order to attract you to the positive, in red. It draws!