Biggdesign Faces ImPossible Stone Coasters

Brand: Biggdesign
1463 Miles
Product Price : 464 Miles

Both the design and functionality of the stone coasters in the foreground, coffee tables, dining tables, workstations from the stains left by the cups and water to protect, helps to keep clean. Made of natural limbra stone design that provides an extra absorbency against liquids, at the same time Thanks to its durable structure, it provides long-term use, and thanks to its cork base, it prevents slipping and provides security. The design coaster protects the tables against both stains caused by hot drinks and sweating caused by cold drinks. Especially the cup coaster which prevents unwanted situations that may occur in crowded invitations completes the stylish design of the glasses. The coaster to which the work of the aces Faces ”collection, which was designed by Biggdesign designers with inspiration from the contrasts in life, is applied leaves a romantic mark on your decoration. The stone coasters, which can be used at home, on the balcony, in the garden or in the summer, but also preferred in cafes and restaurants, are immediately cleaned with a damp cloth with an easy-to-clean surface. You will not only want to use the design in your home, you will also want to have it at work and to color your desk.