Biggdesign Faces Shoulder Bag and Wallet Set

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Brand: Biggdesign
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The most important piece that reflects the elegance of women is about the accessory they use. This set will make you different from everyone else thanks to its special design.

Our wallets for women provide full protection to your  materials by eliminating the possibility of scratches, spills and impacts with its high quality artificial leather structure. The zippered main compartment of the purse organizer safely stores all your items, money in daily use or during travel. 

The shoulder tote bag for women is a candidate to be an indispensable part of your daily elegance! The faux leather tote bag has the lightweight design does not add extra weight to the bag, the shoulder bag will add elegance to your daily combinations. Large interior volume is ideal to put your personal belongings comfortably.

Set consists of 2 accesories: Shoulder bag, Wallet

Shoulder Bag Wallet
100% PU Leather
100% PU Leather
Special design pattern Special design pattern
Zippered compartment  inside of the bag  With coin case.
Dimensions: Width: 36 cm, Length: 46 cm, Depth: 13 cm. Dimensions: 10 x 19 cm 
Custom design work of BiggDesign designers named "Faces" pattern.
** Avoid contact with perfume, soap, alcohol and similar chemicals to ensure long term using and to avoid spoiling the product's special design.