BiggDesign "Mr. Allright Man" Umbrella -Black

Brand: Biggdesign
7661 Miles
Product Price : 2.735 Miles
21 inch black umbrella mini umbrella foldable. With manual opening / closing mechanism umbrella with rubber handle Pongee fabric. Wind Resistant 8-Panel Umbrella with the application of "Mr. Allright Man" by Kadir Yılmaz. Easy to use in rainy weather. It has automatic opening and closing feature. Thanks to its rubber handle, it provides a firm grip. Sold with special case. Contemporary lines and unique style of our designer Strong Kadir Yilmaz created a lot of products met with the work.BiggDesign by Monatitti Collection Fertility Fishes and Pistachio creator of the works of the Güçlü Kadir Yılmaz all works are exhibited in the gallery of Mona Titti Art.