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BiggDesignEvil Eye Denim Make Up Bag

Brand: Biggdesign
4661 Miles
Product Price : 2.797 Miles
In Turkey, Evil eye is the very traditional item which refers to protection from evil forces and negative energy. The evil-eye superstition comes from very early times and it can be found in most cultures of the world. To protect oneself from the negative energy, Turks invented a blue bead which looks like an eye that looks straight back at the spell-caster. So this guards you from any negative energy or from jealous looks of others. We worked with a well-known contemporary Turkish painter Canan Berber. We bought the copyright of her works. We used especially 4 of her paintings Blue water, Evil Eye, Love and Pomegranate to modern everyday products and created a new collection "41 kere Maşallah", or the Evil Eye collection. It protects you from negative energy and jealous eyes. This makeup pouch is completely chic and has a beautiful design to keep your favorite cosmetics well preserved and it is easy to take out. Package includes: 1 * cosmetic bag. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: • 20cm X 12cm X 5cm • Material: Jean + PU • Vivid colors • Have feel cultural heritages.