Biggdesign Pine Tree Porcelain Mug

Brand: Biggdesign
2662 Miles
Product Price : 1.597 Miles

High-quality manufactured from ceramic and colorful design with Biggdesign ceramic mug attracting all the attention, especially an excellent option for nature lovers ... Tea, made from ceramic an ideal material for hot beverages such as coffee and for many years that can be used with the same quality Biggdesign ceramic cup for cold drinks you may want to use.  Fun with inspiring the trophy you make a positive start to the day with the design of morning coffee and morning teas more enjoyable ... Designed by Biggdesign designer, on reflecting the Christmas theme color pine trophy where the pattern will not want to use just your home, to be with you in your workplace and the coloring your desk you'll want to.  Biggdesign of the cup in different colors and designs you can create your own original team for bringing together and you can cheer their breakfast table. Which is the ideal size Biggdesign white ceramic cup with 330 ml of capacity it is recommended not to insert the hand washing and dishwasher.