Biggdesign Plush Hot Water Bag Green

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Classic Hot Water Bag have different usages, these are Neck and Shoulders pain, Feet Warmer, Menstrual Cramps!

You can easily chase away the cold night air or give soothing relief to strained tissues with the Biggdesign Hot Water Bottle with Cover. Filled with hot water and applied to frigid feet or a bloated belly and it can work as heating pads for cramps. It transmits comforting warmth and relieves pain naturally by helping to reduce cramping and ease muscle spasms. A soft faux fur cover with elastic top helps retain heat for 6-8 hours so you stay toasty-warm and wake feeling ready to take on the world.

Unlike heating pads that require electricity or pain medications with dosing restrictions, our hot water bottle can be used for warm compress anywhere that headaches, flu symptoms or cold weather threaten to derail your comfort. Simply add hot water via the bottle's wide mouth, reseal with the leak-resistant cap, and place the bottle wherever you need fast relief. Safe to fall asleep cuddled up to our water pillow, it's perfect for avoiding the shock of sliding bare skin under ice-cold bedsheets in the winter.

Every Biggdesign Hot Water Bag is made with burst-resistant, recyclable thermoplastic always non-toxic features. This makes them safe for use by children and to comfort newly weaned puppies and kittens. The removable hot water bottle covers which made of faux fur cover is washable in precise washing at 86 F° ( 30°C. )

Turn up the heat on muscle aches and menstrual pain. Add a BiggDesign Hot Water Bottle with Faux Fur Cover to your cart today.

Product Details:

Custom design hot water bag.
Capacity: 2 Lt / 0.60 gal 
Product Dimensions: 20 X 35 cm / 7.87x13.77 in 
Material: Rubber