BiggMug 118094M Thermos

7995 Miles
Product Price : 2.398 Miles

Polypropylene plastic Interior material glass Volume: 1000 ML Height: 30 CM It is also a perfect alternative as a thermos product, which is a product that is needed by those who are going to work, going on holiday, going to the camp, driving a car. Business people from students, field workers to a wide range of people from the field to address the wide range of the thermos revealing the difference, like all other thermos quality is very important! Since it can affect health directly because of its preservation of beverages, quality of material which is at the forefront, steel thermos , ceramic thermos mug, non- tipping thermos, porcelain thermos mug are among the most preferred products. Thermos, steel thermos, travel cups and thermos cups in the camp, on the beach, in the forest, to get hot coffee to work, to travel with the tea you specially prepared or to carry any cold drink is on your side.