Bübchen Baby Travel Boy Set

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übchen Baby Travel Boy Set (Baby Moisturizing Milk + Calendula Shampoo + Baby Wash Gel + Baby bath sponge)

Baby Moisturizing Milk 50 ml

The miraculous SheaButter- shea butter is quickly absorbed by the skin and is a natural sunscreen against ultraviolet rays.
Provides protection around SPF 3.
Contains Karite oil with irritation-reducing properties.
Contains Panthenol to protect against dry skin and moisturize.
It does not contain mineral oil, colorants and preservatives.
It contains herbal ingredients.
Dermatologically tested.
Calendula Shampoo 50 ml

Containing Bio-Kalendula, Bübchen provides care and renews for dry baby skin.
It cleans deeply, especially gently and nourishes the sensitive scalp of the baby and protects against drying.
It does not burn eyes as it does not contain soap.
It cannot drink dyestuffs and additives.
This special soft formula baby shampoo cleans with its non-irritating protection and does not sting the eyes.
It is also ideal for adults with sensitive and problematic scalp.
Made in Germany
Baby Wash Gel 50 ml

The pH level is neutral.
It is the most compatible product with baby skin because its acid level is much lower than 5.5 PH.
It doesn't burn your eyes.
Thanks to its Chamomile extract, it calms and relieves irritated skin.
It does not contain preservatives, coloring and fragrance that may be allergenic.
Prepared from natural plant extracts (chamomile, goldenrod flower, linden flower, rosemary, wheat germ, beeswax)
It does not contain dyestuff.
It does not contain preservatives.
Dermatologically tested.
It is also ideal for adults.
Bübchen Baby Bath Sponge

Age: 0 + Months
Soft bath sponge you can use while washing your baby
You can use it comfortably without irritating your baby's skin.