Fakir Kaave Uno Pro Violet Turkish Coffee Machine

Product Code: FKR8690394209527
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Brand: Fakir
Product Price : 45.190 Miles

Your delicious coffee will be ready with Fakir Kaave Uno Pro Brown Turkish Coffee Machine!

Fakir  smart coffee maker operates at lower power and produces delicious coffees with embers taste by preserving the aroma of the coffee bean. This Turkish Coffee maker will be one of the most useful members of your turkish coffee set

When the water jar runs out, the protection system is activated. Even if you choose the cup size wrong, the anti-overflow sensor activates to prevent your Turkish coffee from overflowing.

With its one turkish coffee pot, you can make 4 cups of coffee at a time; when you want to use both this number will increase 8 cups of coffee. It serves your coffee with full consistency and delicious coffee foam.

Product Features:

  • Power:  735 W
  • Cable: 100 cm
  • Removable water tank with a capacity of 1 liter automatically receives water itself
  • Capacity of 4 cups of coffee (1 cup Max. 70 ml)
  • Luminasense technology to prevent overflow
  • Small, medium and large cup size selection
  • Audible warning mechanism