Fakir Viaggıo Travel Iron Red

Brand: Fakir
Product Price : 11.280 Miles

Even if your clothes are wrinkled when you go on vacation, your best assistant will be with you! The steam iron which is the smallest hero of the houses and meets one of the most basic needs. 

You can choose clothing iron as an important and proffessional iron for your clothes with the help of its strong, well qualified performance! 

With the anti-drip system, it prevents water from dripping onto your clothes, preventing to occur water stains. It offers uninterrupted performance by preventing clogging of the Iron soleplate holes the anti-calcification system.

Technical Specifications Voltage Setting I: 100-127V 50-60Hz 750-1200W, Voltage Setting II: 220-240V 50-60Hz 900-1100W Useful life : 7 Years Cable length: 2.2 meters

Intense Steam Ironing : This function is preferred for stubborn wrinkles and heavy fabrics. You can activate the intense steam function by pressing the intense steam knob on the handle.

Temperature Adjustment: set the appropriate temperature value indicated in the ironing instructions or on the label of the fabric