FARE 1182-315 Automatic Umbrella Navy Blue

Product Code: FAR1182315
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Brand: FARE
Product Price : 5.085 Miles

"FARE Brand which produces high quality umbrellas and bags, was awarded the promotional gift Award in 2008."

Ultra-durable and strong  umbrella protects you from windy and crazy rain weather conditions! It is designed with a soft crook handle.  It has durable and waterproof features which added strength to this sturdy and quality umbrella.
It is designed with automatic opening/manual closing umbrella model, thus you can easily use it without any efforts. Its extra-large canopy is easily big enough for two people.

Product Details:

  • 105cm diameter 
  • TEFLON ® coated 100% Polyester fabric
  • Automatic opening/manual closing umbrella model
  • 8 Panel fiberglass wires
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Flat and soft push-button handle
  • Made of waterproof EVA material.
  • Open Width: 88 cm X Open Length: 77 cm