Gold Case Basic Group 100% Cotton Multi-Purpose Peshtemal Towel - Loincloth - Hades Assortment Colors

Product Code: EFTMGZ0038888
Brand: Gold Case
3928 Miles
Product Price : 2.357 Miles

Getting its name from the god of the underworld - Hades, this peshtemal towel attracts attention with its design inspired by mythology. Gold Case peshtemal towels, which adds a modern interpretation to the loincloths, is based on the bath culture of the Ottoman Empire and has a history of 600 years; ideal for using as a towel for shower, beach, hammam(Turkish Bath) and pool. As a symbol of Turkish land with its oriental patterns and variety of colors, loincloths are preferred by everyone because they can absorb water as quickly as possible, dry faster, take up less space and be carried more easily. Also an option to be used in yoga and pilates centers, loincloth can be used as decorative item on sofas. 100% cotton, Dimensions: 100 x 180 cm