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Goldmaster Gm-7240M Jasmin Multifunctional Blender Set - Purple

Brand: Goldmaster
15986 Miles
Product Price : 9.592 Miles
Goldmaster Gm-7240M Yasemin Beige Blender Set includes Blender, Chopper and Mixer. This high quality multi functional set includes 1000W high performance. With the turbo and normal process speed buttons, it saves time. Blender and mixer shaft is made of stainless steel. It offers easy and perfect chopping with the steel blades.                                    



1000 W power performance,

Chopper, blender, mixer functions

0,8 Lt operation chamber

Normal and turbo processing speed knob

Stainless steel blender shaft

Stainless steel mixer apparatus

Ergonomic use

Non-slip pad