Happy Hop Seat Belt Pad Sleepyhead Owl

Brand: Happy Hop
2298 Miles
Product Price : 1.379 Miles

Happy Hop Sleepyhead seat belt pillow provides your child with a comfortable sleep while traveling, with its extra soft fabric and special design.

It is a practical and comfortable product that you can easily carry with you in your child's school service and all your travels.
With its special snap fastener design, it is easily attached to the seat belt.
Thanks to its washable cover, it provides clean use in every journey.
It is a safe product that has passed all important quality tests that you can use with peace of mind for your children.

It does not contain azo dyes.
It does not contain phthalates.
It does not contain allergic disperse dyes.
Does not contain carcinogenic dye.
It does not contain heavy metal.
EN71 test confirms.