JBL T110 Control Talk In-Ear Headphones Black

Brand: Jbl
Product Price : 4.700 Miles

Meet with JBL's sound technology that has been around for over 70 years. Produced to achieve both powerful and deep bass sounds,JBL T110 Control Talk In- Ear Headphones has a long battery life.JBL headphones provide comfort to its users thanks to its lightness and ergonomic structure.When you touch the headset in different ways, JBL childrens headphones with microphone can perform operations such as skipping tracks, pausing or starting the music; JBL earphones for kids allows you to enjoy many features such as answering calls and voice control. Thanks to it's special design, you'll be able to carry JBL earphones anywhere with you!

Product Details: 

  • Control Talk Cable
  • Comfortable Earbud Structure
  • Durable Material