Korkmaz A1243 Montana Cookware 28cm

Product Code: KORA1243
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Brand: Korkmaz
Product Price : 17.842 Miles

28x14.5 cm / 8.0 lt

Coating with excellent non-stick property on interior and exterior surfaces.

Extra scratch resistance and hardware.

induction cooker compatible

Environmentally friendly production technology.

Easy to clean

Fireproof wood-looking bakelite handles

It makes more delicious meals using less oil than other types of cookware.

It is produced from materials that can be recycled.

Montana is a granite-looking PTFE coating with extra scratch resistance.

Thanks to its aluminum crushing body, it provides high cooking performance even at low heat with its high thermal conductivity.

Thanks to its volcanite coating, it makes delicious meals using very little oil.

The product is pfoa, lead, cadmium etc. does not contain ingredients.


Montana Series, produced with environmentally friendly technology using materials that can be recycled back to nature, makes its naturalness noticeable with the wood details used in its handles. While it allows you to cook easily with its silicone outer coating, it also exhibits superior non-stick properties with its high temperature resistant inner surface coatings.