Korkmaz A1273 Granita WOK Pan

Product Code: KORA1273
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Brand: Korkmaz
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For those who are the chefs of their own kitchen,Korkmaz Granita WOK Pan is the greatest assistant of delicious dishes. Korkmaz Granita WOK Pan's aluminium body increases its thermal conductivity so that you can cook at the low heat as well. Healthy and nutrition friendly. You can minimize the use of oil with Korkmaz Granita WOK Pan. Thanks to its excellent non-stick structure on the inside and outside surfaces, you can use Korkmaz Granita WOK Pan without fear of sticking. Korkmaz Granita WOK Pan, which completes your kitchen decoration with its elegant design, meets all your expectations both in terms of appearance and functionality. Made of recycable material and eco-friendly. You can easily clean the wok pan, so you can save energy and time. Scratch Resistent


Product Dimension: 24x6,5 Cm