Mamajoo Digital Baby Food Warmer & Steam Sterilizer

Brand: Mamajoo
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Digital Feeding Bottle / Food Warmer & Steam Sterilizer

Usage Age: 0 months +

Product features

You can heat your baby's food or milk with Mamajoo Digital Baby Bottle / Mama Warmer and Steam Sterilizer, and you can also quickly sterilize your baby bottle. It provides rapid and complete elimination of bacteria with high temperature steam sterilization.

Functions of the Product

This device, which helps you to prepare the temperature of the baby's favorite foods at different appropriate temperatures according to the food or milk, has a digital light indicator for following these processes.

Thanks to the advanced microprocessor control technology, it is fully automatic and process marks are selected from the digital display on the product.

The related indicator light flashes during milk or food heating processes, the indicator light turns red when the process is finished and the temperature is fixed automatically.

It maintains its internal temperature in 40? / 70? S with its heat fixing feature.

When the steam sterilizer operation is finished, the indicator light turns red and the device automatically turns off.

Warranty Period: 2 years

Cleaning and Sterilization

The main body and cover are cleaned with a dry cloth. Other parts can be washed in the dishwasher. Never use brightening, abrasive or anti-bacterial materials to clean the product.

Package Included

1 Mamajoo Digital Baby Bottle / Mama Warmer

It is produced in accordance with the European Standard