Mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump

Brand: Mamajoo
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Product Price : 16.462 Miles

Mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump

Usage Age: 0 months +

Product features

The Mamajoo Electronic USB Dual Breast Pump offers maximum comfort and ease of use, with the choice of suitable gravity to provide milk easily, quickly and effortlessly.

Product Advantages

Mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump, which is as strong as a hospital breast pump but also easily portable and can work with PC, USB or powerbank; Thanks to the silicone comfort cap, it feels natural, gentle and comfortable, like suction of the baby during milking.

It provides extremely quiet, easy and fast milking.

It offers two different usage options, single and double. Pressing the On / Off button once starts operation in single shot mode.

A total of 8 different massages including 4 different massages & 6 different shots in single use, 4 different massages & 6 different shots in double use, 12 different shots options, in total, the breast pump of mamajoo electronic USB; It offers 20 different (12 shots & 8 massages) usage options.

Thanks to its small size and weight of only 164 g, it offers ease of transportation and storage. Since it can work with USB / Powerbank (portable power supply), it is the ideal solution for working mothers.

Thanks to its advanced microprocessor technology, it automatically turns off after 30 minutes and saves the expiration settings.

Process monitoring can be done from LED indicators.

You can easily select by pressing +/- buttons for rhythm with the most convenient and comfortable speed preferred while milking.

It can be transformed into a bottle in the home, workplace or travel, and offers the ease of feeding directly to the breast milk storage container and feeding the baby without the need to pour it into another bottle.

It can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer by closing the mouth of the storage container with the closure ring.

Warranty Period: 2 years

Cleaning and Sterilization

The motor unit is cleaned only with a dry cloth. Pump mechanical parts and milk containers can be washed in the dishwasher. It can be sterilized by boiling in water for 5 minutes or using Mamajoo sterilizer.

Package Included

1 Electronic USB Breast Pump with Draft Adjustment

2 Milking Kits (150 ml / PES)

2 Closing Rings

2 Closing Discs

1 Silicone Bottle Nipple

1 Bottle Cover

1pc Adapter

CE- EN60335, EN55014 ve EN61000 Avrupa Standardına uygun olarak üretilmiştir.