Matrax FC Barcelona Wooden Table Football

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Brand: Matrax
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We're bringing the enjoyment of Table Football to you, and with FC Barcelona! Get your team and take a first step on your way to championship! Eliminate your rivals, and make your favorite player top goal scorer in the championship. The only thing you need to become a real football star is ... FC Barcelona Table Football!

Especially the boys' passion for football, which started at a young age, brings the excitement of the match to your home with the Matrax FC Barcelona foosball table. The football game which never goes out of fashion can be played with 2 people. Passion and match excitement of those who want to live in the comfort of home preference is sent as disassembled and easily assembled. Football, which allows players to move the ball to the castle with large handles that make it easy to play around the edges, is the center of attention of the children with its vibrant colors. The fun football game, suitable for children aged 6 years and older, is produced from raw materials that are carcinogenic and suitable for children's health. The foosball table, which you can give to your children safely, increases the excitement of football match at home and provides children to have a pleasant time. Hours of play will be even more exciting with the wooden football game, which is a fun and educational alternative for children to get!

What about hosting your favorite football starts in your house?