Matrax Midi Basket Pot

Brand: Matrax
1178 Miles
Product Price : 1.348 Miles

Midi Basket Crucible

Our Midi Basket Pot product makes our children enjoy the game of basketball at home. The balls of our product, which is a portable basketball toy, are made of solid, light and flexible material. The basket ball in the midi-sized basketball hoop toy is made of solid, light and flexible material. Valves are used in the design of the basketball. In this way, inflation or quenching can be made upon request. 13 cm. It is a product with ease of assembly with 1 color ball and door hanging apparatus in diameter. In our basket toy product, all of which are made of plastic material; Different visual designs have been applied on the trunk (backboard) parts. As with all our other products; It is produced with raw materials and paints suitable for child health.


Product Dimensions: 32,50 x 41 cm Backboard, 22 cm. Crucible circle and 13 cm in diameter. 1 piece of ball in diameter