Milavanda Mandarin Liquid Soap

Brand: Milavanda
Product Price : 1.539 Miles

MILAVANDA MANDARIN ORANGE HAND SOAP: Milavanda liquid hand soap is the blend of early harvest cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and natural mandarin scent. This silky and natural soap leaves your hands extremely clean and ensures your skin never dries out. It features hydrating and beautifully scented wash. SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Milavanda liquid hand soap is produced according to GMP certification for the highest quality. Neither our soaps nor their ingredients are tested on animals. We concentrate on only making very carefully formulated natural soap for healthy and comfortable skins. Suitable for all skin types. MOISTURIZING HAND SOAP: Containing only the gentlest and skin friendly ingredients, this liquid soap is very soothing. Made using plant-based oils, the formula can be used for both hand and body washing. It has the ability to help your skin look and feel younger and healthier. FRESH MANDARIN SOAP: Its fragrance is neither overpowering nor too sweet. It as smells ‘spa-like’. You get an added freshness and toning effect for the skin with this natural soap. HAND SOAP FOR BEAUTIFIYING YOUR SINK: This liquid hand soap smells as fresh as it looks. The clean and simple bottle gives a nice expression in sense of elegance as a decorative accent to any kitchen and bathroom countertop.