Milavanda Special Series Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml

Brand: Milavanda
89.9 Miles
Product Price : 2.549 Miles

Before the production of Special Series Olive Oil Milavanda, Ayvalık gardens, which do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in September-October, have not yet ripened, fallen to the ground, and the best top olives of their branches are selected. Olives that are not exposed to any chemical processes that are harvested early are squeezed by cold pressing method at 26 degrees in an oxygen-free environment and bottled without losing time.

Milavanda Special Series Olive Oil has a pleasant fragrance that smells the Aegean Sea iodine and resembles the smell of fresh leaves that have absorbed the Aegean Sea.

Its aroma is sharp and moderately caustic, with scents of freshly mown grass, almond, cress, arugula, fresh walnut, green tomato and green plum. It has a heavy fluid consistency, dark green color and very strong.

It is drinkable and can be used in all hot and cold dishes, salads. Acid rate is at most 0.8%.