Milk&Moo Sangaloz Mother and Kid Velvet Bathrobe Set

Product Price : 14.868 Miles

Milk&Moo Mothers and Kids Matching Bathrobe Set is designed and made in Turkey using 100% Oeko-Text certified Turkish cotton which makes fabrics healthier, softer and long-lasting than other cotton fibres. This is your guarantee that the product contains no substances which are toxic or harmful to the skin. Turkish cotton is very popular in bath towels and has the honor of having the best textile quality in the world.

Milk&Moo is a well loved baby brand for its adorable patterns and now we produced the same patterns and same softness for mothers to make combinations with their little ones.

Sangaloz bathrobe is ensuring a perfect bath-time for you since Turkish cotton is the most in-demand fabric for its softness as well as absorbency and fast drying properties which makes it the best cotton to be used in towels.

This toddler bathrobe has 2 front pockets to take little toys around and to keep tiny hands warm. The attached belt design gives full coverage to the body, additionally it prevents the belt from falling and getting lost. You do not need replace missing belts again. There are embroidered details on moveable ears and pockets for a kids-favourite effect.

Milk&Moo lightweigth and plush robe for mothers has also embroidered detailing on the pockets, the attached belt design gives full coverage to the body. It gives a cozy and relaxed vibes to be worn while you are dry or wet, reading on the couch or cooking in the kitchen. It keeps its softness and lovely appearance even after many washes and many years.