Nektar 11952002 Shopping Bag

Product Code: PFC11952004
Stock (Turkey): 52 in stock
Brand: Nektar
Product Price : 1.081 Miles

Nektar environment and eco-friendly shopping bag, helping to transport the products you buy in a comfortable way. 

The environmentally conscious people prefer the structure suitable for recycling bag,which even after many years does not harm nature. Foldable beach and shopping bag can fit comfortably in your pocket or purse so that it never disappears.  It can be carried without taking up much space by folding shopping bag by placing the products you buy after shopping and reuse. Shopping bag can easily take many items you purchase thanks to it's wide main compartment, helps you to carry your things around without damaging your needs. 

Long shoulder strap of the bag that complements your style on the way to the beach with elegant floral design helps easy transport. 

Your towel, your sunscreen, your spare swimsuit can fit comfortably in your beach bag that provides many moments of your life with ease ergonomic design.  

The beach and shopping bag are of ideal size for all your needs with the dimensions of 40.5 x 43 cm.

Product Details:

  • Fabric Type: Raw Clothing.
  • Dimension: 40.5x43 cm