Nektar 3 Dimensions Eraser Set 1

Brand: Nektar
Product Price : 1.084 Miles

Surprise your kids with Nektar's specially designed and multicolored Eraser Set of 3! 

It provides a wide range of functional and fun design erasers for your kids to correct their mistakes while doing schoolwork !

The pack itself can be a great part of their pencil cases ! 

It's made of high quality material which means it's suitable for the usage of your kids. 

Package Content:

  • Nektar Kvtk 3 Dimensions Eraser Pack : 4 different design erasers.
  • Nektar Mkck 3 Dimensions Eraser Pack :4 different design erasers with banana, cherry, watermelon and strawberry figures.
  • Nektar Akyd 3 Dimensions Eraser Pack: 4 different design erasers with panda, turtle, dinosaur and dolphin figures.