Nektar 3D Eraser Set

Brand: Nektar
Product Price : 1.084 Miles

Eraser, which is among the most basic necessities of the beginning of school life, is now an entertaining toy with its 3D designs! 3D erasers are fun shapes that will help your children love the school and learn the lessons in a playful way. set can also increase sharing with friends at school and contribute to the development of friendship relationships. 3D erasers, which are observed to have a positive impact on children's brain development and creativity, teach while entertaining. The package includes;

Nectar Cttk 3D Eraser Package: 7 different design eraser with kitchen theme
Nectar SCDM 3-D Eraser Package: 4 different design eraser with backpack, toothpaste, toothbrush and alarm clock figures
Nectar Gtdr 3-D Eraser: 4 different design eraser with lipstick, ice cream, beach slippers, sunglasses figures