Nektar Carabiner Flashlight Pen 5035

Brand: Nektar
1595 Miles
Product Price : 957 Miles

Thanks to its ease and portability, NektarCarabiner flashlight bags are the indispensable parts of our bags. Flashlights, which are among the practical hand tools that make daily life easier, come to our rescue in the house, during a walk or when we are exposed to power cuts. Mini flashlight, which has a long lifetime with its LED light structure, offers a practical use with its battery structure. It adheres to metal surfaces with its magnetic system and provides easy access when you need it. It consumes 1 W energy with 1 big LED lamp. Plastic textured LED flashlight will be your savior in your daily life. Product Size: 11x1 cm, weight: 8 gr. You can hang it on your key ring, bag or bicycle with the carabiner hood. Nektar Carbine flashlight, which is a practical and cute solution to keep in your home, workplace, car or camping bag, will be your assistant in all conditions. Choosing the best flashlight model depends on your usage and personal needs. By determining your needs, you can easily choose the most suitable flashlight for you among the models of Biggoutdoor.

PRACTICAL USE: Thanks to being easy and portable, Nektar Karabinerli flashlight is the indispensable part of our bags, which is the savior of every moment we need light.

MAGNETIC SYSTEM: With plastic coated lantern magnet system, it adheres to metal surfaces and provides easy access when you need it.