Owli Postpartum Corset Ten M/L

Brand: Owli
Product Price : 5.870 Miles

Owli Corset: The Fastest Way to Slim Down After Childbirth!
Slims: It reduces the swelling in the abdomen and supports your slimming as a result of regular use.
Firms: With its special design for female anatomy, it helps to tighten your abdominal muscles.
Supports: It supports your waist and back with its double underwires in the waist area.
Breastfeeding Friendly: Thanks to its women-specific design, you can breastfeed your baby without removing your corset.

Tightness Degree is Under Your Control with Owli Corset!
Why Owli Postpartum Corset?
The Owli Postpartum Corset was designed by women for women with the support of gynecologists and fitness trainers.
The corset is ideal for re-tightening the separation (diastasis recti) in the abdominal muscles during pregnancy.
You can use the Owli Postpartum Corset after both normal and cesarean delivery.

Owli Corset, Women's Most Preferred Postpartum Slimming Corset!*

• With the support side bands, you can easily adjust the degree of firmness and the area you want to intensify.
• The soft sponge on the front provides comfort even during use all day long.
• It does not lose its tightness with its high quality and durable structure.
• Thanks to the back support underwires on the back, it helps to relieve your lower back and back pain.
• Corrects your posture during breastfeeding by encouraging you to stand upright.
• It has a latex-free, breathable fabric.

When Should Owli Corset Be Used?

For best results, it is recommended to start using the Owli corset immediately after birth.
Postpartum slimming corsets should be used all day without interruption. It can also be used at night while sleeping. It will be very effective to wear it to take it off only when taking a shower. The more it is worn, the faster results are obtained.

You can also use the Owli Postpartum Slimming Corset a few months after your birth. In order to achieve the most effective result, healthy eating and regular exercise are very important for maternal health after pregnancy.

It is not used during pregnancy.
If you have any health problems, consult your doctor before using the corset.

How do I find my right size while pregnant?
Measure your abdominal circumference from 36 weeks before birth to choose the right size. Approximately 8-12 cm less than the result will show your postpartum size. With this result, you can choose from the size chart.

Size Chart:
XS/S: For waist circumference 61-90 cm,
M/L: for waist circumference of 91-110cm,
XL/XXL: Suitable for waist circumference of 111-140 cm.
Note: The measurement should be made at the level of the belly button.

NOTE: If the size you bought closes easily when you first wear it, it means the size you bought is too big for you.

85% Nylon
15% Lycra
Production Place: Turkey

NOTE: The Owli corset can be used as a lumbar support and firming abdominal corset during non-birth times. Compared to never using; It will help thinning with regular and long-term use. It is recommended to be on you constantly for recovery and thinning, and to be removed only when entering the shower.


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In the event that the product comes into contact with the skin or smells of sweat, perfume, as well as in the case of the product being folded, worn or the color of the clothes worn on the top fading and cottoning due to use, in accordance with Consumer Laws and E-commerce laws, the products cannot be exchanged/returned because their resellable feature is lost.