Owli Sleeping Guru Rainbow Swaddle / Sleeping Bag 0.3 TOG

Brand: Owli
Product Price : 5.976 Miles

Owli Sleeping Guru is ideal for the first 0-36 months of your baby's new life and it's designed to grow with your baby.

Babies are used to the sense of security in the mother's womb.This sack is designed to cocoon the babies to replicate the feeling they were used to. Swaddling helps babies to maintain a better sleeping cycle, prevents Moro reflexes, and helps them replace the sense of security that they were used to.

First it is a swaddle. Owli Sleeping Guru is the world's first swaddle convertible into a full-size sleeping sack with leg extensions. It is designed to be used in the first 36 months of your baby's new journey and its 4-in-1 design will make your life easy. Owli Sleeping Guru is a swaddle at its core. Made out of %95 cotton and %5 elastane it's designed to cocoon babies. What makes this Sleeping Guru the right swaddle is its unique avocado shaped design. Thanks to this design advantage Owli will gently hug your baby on their upper body, and allow them to have freedom of movement on their lower body.

Next it is a expanded swaddle because it's so easy to turn this sleeper into an expanded swaddle. By unzipping the full-body zipper on the side, it will convert from a cocoon swaddle to an expanded swaddle with extra room.

Owli Sleeping Guru is designed to grow up with your baby. Newborns grow up so fast. Following the first 6 months of their new adventure swaddling may no longer be necessary. That's why it will turn into an expanded swaddle with arm snap buttons and you won't have to replace your baby's favorite sleepwear with another one. After the first 6 months, by taking the arms out of the swaddle, you will not only provide more comfort to your baby but also grand them the freedom to discover the world around them. Two-way zipper and zipper protection are essential on every Owli sleepwear. Two-way zippers are great for easy nappy checks and zipper protection will prevent unwanted scratches from the neck zipper.

Owli Sleeping Guru has many features that make it special. However, there's one feature that makes it unique in the world. You may transform your swaddle into a full-size Sleeping Sack.

It's so easy to complete this transformation. All you have to do is unzip the side zipper, pull out the leg extensions on the bottom of the swaddle, and there you have it. 

Owli Sleeping Guru is designed to be used between the first 0-36 months. This way your baby will grow up in the sleepwear they're accustomed to and even take their first step in their favorite sleeping sack. Owli's TOG rated cotton fabric is breathable and this will prevent your baby from over sweating or overheating.